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Uses of Mica


The following are some of the uses of Mica:

Cut Mica Plates for Mica Capacitors Radiation Insulation
Transistor and Semi-Conductors Electrical Heating Appliances
Silvered Mica Plates Radiation Pyrometers and Thermal Regulators
Communication Devices Flat irons
Mica Capacitors Resistance and Potentiometers Cards
Kettle Toasters
Accoustics Aparatus, Detonators, Radiophone, Gramophone, Sound Boxes, Head Phones, LoudSpeakers Missiles and High Speed Aircraft Randoms and Canopies
Primary and Secondary Insulation Steam Boilers
Guided Missiles Bushing and Tubes
Quarter Wave Plates for Optical Instruments Band Heaters
Microwave Tube 
Marker Dials for Navigation compasses
Televisions Strip and Finned Heaters
Target and Mosaic Mica for Telecasting Industry Geiger Counter for Radio
Goggles Soldering Irons
Radio & Television Tubes High Tension Coil of Radars
Diaphragms for Oxygen Breathing Equipment Jet Engines
Incandescent Lamps, Fuse Plugs, Fuse Boxes, Electric Lamp Sockets, Lighting Apparatus, Induction Coils, Grid Rheostats Windows for Anthracite Gas or Petromax Lamps and Kerosene Stoves, Isinglass, Furnace, Peepholes, Heat Screens, Metalurgical Furnaces and Kilns, Canopies, Shields, smoke Helmets, Diver Helmets, Gas Masks, etc
Telephone Neon-Lights
Interlayer Insulation for Transformer Coils High Voltage Lamps


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